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        links to a YouTube page with the chasing KEINO 2009 documentary trailer Director shooting Kenyan Runner

Follow six Kenyan nationals, members of the AmeriKenyan Running Club, as they train in Santa Fe, New Mexico in preparation for US marathon racing. The summer climate and altitude similarities to Nairobi are unavoidable, but their sense of community is inspirational. The Kenyans train in teams to help each other compete more effectively. Their ability to compete more effectively assures that more racing dollars are won and re-deployed back in Kenya. Those dollars help create businesses, buy land, build houses and help family and neighbors that have not been as fortunate. While making this documentary short; I realised: "I originally wanted to film the Kenyans because they are the gold standard in world distance racing. What I came away with was: they may be the ”gold standard” where community and philanthropy collide."

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